We care about what you care about – families.

Your mission is to powerfully impact families.

Our mission is to partner with you to multiply that impact.

Empowering you to:

  • Take your team to the NEXT LEVEL

  • Meet your goals

  • Challenge yourself to go beyond current limits

All for the sake of benefiting – families.

If you’re tired of all the “swirling,” we might be a good fit. You know – all the thoughts swirling in your head about all the things – the mental gymnastics you perform to figure it all out and make things right.

The thoughts that go round and round as you try to justify why you feel the way you feel. Or why there’s just no way out of it. Or there’s just one way out. And on and on it goes…

If you’re willing to consider your inner attitude or landscape before immediately jumping to strategies, then we might be a good fit.

If you’re open to a hint of the idea that your inner attitude or landscape infiltrates your organization’s culture, then we might be a good fit.

You could operate on the day to day like this:

  • Handle the pressure with more ease
  • Make confident mission aligned decisions – without second guessing
  • See your culture shift – in the way you want it shifted
  • Watch your people become collaborative, productive and all in
  • Take your team to the NEXT LEVEL

If you’re ready for this new way of being and operating, then let’s begin your restful adventure – where you and your whole organization are on the relational path you actually desire.

That path is all about building mission momentum. Mission accomplished.

What can you expect?

You can expect we’ll listen, glean what’s important to you, ask a ton of questions in the process, and create a program that makes sense for your organization.

It’ll be fun, challenging, and ever so worth it to furthering your mission.

Training you to train yourself to see what you just haven’t been able to see yet.

What might it look like?



Keynotes     Workshops     Retreats

We tailor make talks for organizations and audiences of all sizes.

Keynotes are a great opportunity for preparing your audience to receive information you’re about to give.

For kicking off or wrapping up your event:

  • Build momentum

  • Create an environment for change

  • Boost morale

  • Clarify core values

  • Build mission focus

Workshops and Retreats offer deep dives into concepts such as themes, change, and momentum. Speaking and leading a group is done from the heart with practical take aways. With a relaxed atmosphere you are encouraged to have fun and not take yourself quite so seriously.

We mesh the intangible with the concrete equipping you to meet your goals and relish in your outcomes.

Examples of Speaking Topics: 

Productive Communication and Culture Building

  • Lead Without White Knuckling…Becoming Relaxed Facilitators
  • Theme Tracking…Productive Phrases and Questions Are Key
  • Keys to Cultivating Ownership…Who Has the Energy Ball?
  • We’ve Been Talking…Are We Communicating?
  • Are They Just Bad Employees…Or Could It be a Skill Deficit?

Team Development…Defining and Coordinating Roles

  • Facilitation and Conflict Resolution…Bringing the Grown Ups Back to the Office
  • Develop Productive, Healthy Habits…Bridge The Knowing – Doing Gap
  • Who’s Driving this Car and Where are We Headed…Attaining Goals Collaboratively
  • Discovering Your True Identity…You’re a Joy a Gift and a Treasure
  • A Practicing We Will Go…Break It Down and Practice It


Coaching is all about getting to the root of what’s in play: what theme is driving the challenge? Why is this important to you? When you can clearly identify the theme you can then fully address it. The extraneous stuff no longer distracts. You have the energy and focus to truly be mission driven. Mission driven momentum is contagious.

Coaching sessions encompass deep dives.

  • One on One

  • Leadership Partners

  • Leadership Teams


Consulting is tailored made utilizing a combination of services with ongoing support. This access focuses on implementing our concepts into the day to day, navigating the tricky parts, and celebrating the wins.

It’s about seeing humor in most situations and finding a path ahead that makes sense for you, your personality, your team, your organization.

This isn’t about forcing or exhausting yourself…

It’s about discovering what truly fuels you. As in, what’s in alignment with who you are? This discovery is about way more stress! No, just messing with you!

It’s about producing sustainable mission driven results, with less stress, while operating from a position of rest.

What are you waiting for?

Helpful Tools

The Conquer Your Knowing – Doing Gap Guide

Let’s start by conquering your knowing – doing gap. Why is this a problem? Because you know things. In fact, you know a lot of things.

You also know that you know better, yet you find yourself doing the exact thing you tried NOT to do. From yelling, to NOT saying what needed to be said, to emptying the pint of ice cream. And now, cue the nagging and unrelenting chatter.

The Conquer Your Knowing – Doing Gap Guide equips you with productive questions and tools to bridge what you KNOW and DO.

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Other Helpful Tools for Download:

Trash Those Tricky Triggers
What’s Your Leader Identity
Practicing Self Checks
Trash Those Tricky Triggers
What’s Your Leader Identity
Practicing Self Checks